Primero Trailer


The Primero trailer exceeds all expectations when it comes to design and safety. The trailer offers maximum comfort, whether you travel short or long distances. When travelling with the Primero Trailer, you can feel that the aerodynamic horse trailer offers stability, even on the highway. It is powerful yet elegant.

Years of development, where design, safety and durability have always been top priority, have led to the unique Primero Trailer. It is sophisticated in every detail. The dynamic design leaves an unforgettable impression. Primero Trailer brings safety to a new level with the patented roll-bar system.

The panoramic windows give the horse trailer a bright interior which allows easier trailer loading of the horses. In addition, it also reduces stress while traveling, so that performances are not affected by the transport.

Carefully selected composite materials and stainless steel ensure the longer life of the horse trailer. Parts subject to wear and aging, such as the side panels, can easily be replaced.

The Primero Trailer has a longer longevity than conventional trailers because of the use of durable composite materials which are resistant to, for example, uric acid. The design ensures years of carefree travel and perfect grooming on site. Primero Trailer is a unique and unparalleled symbol of horse transportation.